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This was originally going to be called “Monsters of Future”

As the future got closer, I realized I needed to change something.

I kept hearing people talk about stress around money and finances. And, in my own deep dive into where I limit myself around “money” I realized …

What if it’s not money you want to be asking for?
What if the missing element is … PROFIT?



Come play in the Monsterland of Miracles, Money & Profit !
Starting September 16

This is the direction I’d like to go in …
Something different.
And, it never shows up the way you think.

Register here to join us !
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Monsters YOUniversity

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Flying Class

Figuratively or literally - you choose!

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Outcreating Muggles

Let's go be magic

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Care of Magical Creatures

This includes you ;)

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Potions & Verbal Charms

Clearing loops and homeplay included

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Time Travel

‘Blast from the past’ gifts chosen by Mr. Monster Dr. Dain

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Invisibility Cloak

Listen in behind the scenes to monster conversations, sessions, recordings of audios, and more

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Monster Gatherings

Monthly Zooms - Join us from anywhere, under the bed, in your closet, or even your cave. And if you come live to a class, who knows what may occur?

Also receive the 15 Billion program complimentary for the duration of this 3-month program

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ESB and ESC sessions included - How far would you like to float into and above the Earth?

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Until we advance in the subject, a telegram thread where people can connect using words will be provided

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The ability to create something from apparently nothing. This may include conversations with the monster gaggle on various superpowers

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Chaos Magic
An advanced elective course which invites the monster to manipulate, warp, and reconstruct the very fabric of existence and reality to his or her own whims, and bring about total destruction of this reality

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Monster Mash-Ups

Compilations of our favorite monster lessons

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Future Manipulation

The ability to change the future itself

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Your ability to liquify anything solid

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Bringing your light to the world and letting it shine

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What is the miraculous monster living you truly desire, that you are refusing to perceive, know, be and receive that you now can, if you are willing to destroy your hopes of being normal and step into being the monster of miracles you truly be?

Let’s GO!

The exploration begins September 16
(Your Time HERE)



Program Cost:
1x payment of $1500 USD
or 3x payment installments* of $500 USD billed monthly.

*This is a 3-month payment commitment if you choose to do installments. No cancellations.

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Registration and Pre-requisites

If you fib about your pre-requisites consciousness WILL know and you will receive the wrath of Dr. Dainger!

Do you really want to start off this relationship based on a lie? We think not! 😉

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