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Enthusiasm: The Fuel for Creation

   Audio MP3 with Dr. Dain Heer

Are you asking for the “wow” in your life?
Are you creating and choosing from the “wow” of possibilities?

What most of us have learned to do is to live our lives by asking for things that we think we’re supposed to have and just live life on autopilot.

Then we wonder why we don’t have everything we desire. But, there’s no energy underneath those requests, no enthusiasm. Trust me, boredom is not an energy from which to create anything except more boredom.

When you are in the “wow” of it all and you immerse in that enthusiasm of your ask, the universe can’t help but provide it.

Your enthusiasm creates. Your excitement creates. That is your creative energy.

What if creating a wow life can be done with more ease than you can imagine?

You don’t have to figure out everything.
You don’t have to have an idea how it’s going to show up.
In fact it’s even better if you don’t have an idea.
Because as soon as you go from “wow” to “how” you’re fucked…and not in a good way.

If you truly desire your business, your income, your happiness to grow, become more of you and your enthusiasm every day.

Are you bored in your life? Ask for more! And more…and more! Ask for the “wow!”

*This audio is a  clipped segment from the Being You Changing the World class in Noosa, Australia February 2023. Please be clear if you own this already before purchasing. We will not process refunds.