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Undoing the Lie of Loneliness

Creating Your Life as the Universe You Are

  This offer includes 4 events that occurred on the same day. We packaged them because of the synergy that they created together.

  • Misfit Merriment with Dr. Dain Heer 
  • The Magic of Being |  December 15, 2022 
  • 30 Days of ESB | Round 6 #27
  • Being Ineffable F'ing Magic with Dr. Dain Heer
    (This was a free live aired on Facebook & YouTube) 

For how many of us is the fear of being all alone a ‘thing’?

What if it’s one of the greatest lies we have bought as true and created our lives around, instead of the lightness of the oneness we actually be?

You are never alone.

The universe is cradling you, empowering you, and supporting you in ways our minds cannot fathom.

What if you could have the freedom to be everything you are - weird, chaotic, brilliant, crazy, insane, insanely beautiful - when you’re not worried about being left and not worried about being alone?

What is the weird, wild, miraculous capacity, ability and strangeness that you have and are, that you’re trying to hide as though it is a curse rather than the blessing, miracle and gift it and you actually are?

How much more freedom do you have to perceive the future when you are not being required to relate to those in your life in any particular way?

This quadruple series of audio adventures explore going beyond the pain of loss and loneliness you are avoiding that stops you from leaping and soaring in the way that only you can.

What could you acknowledge about you, and your phenomenal strength, that no longer requires you to look for validation or this reality’s way of relating to others?

Let the change and joy begin!

Pre-requisite: The Foundation is strongly recommended

Translation: English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish

Disclaimer: This is a special package and items cannot be purchased individually.

If you are part of The MAGIC OF BEING Year Long program you already have access to all of these calls except Misfit Merriment. Your best choice may be to join the Misfit Merriment for $45 HERE!