ESC: BE the Mother Tree

This Energetic Synthesis of Communion is from the Body Whispering class at the Lazy Double D Ranch in Texas, USA

Bodies in this reality are about the image that you portray.
Bodies from our reality are about the joy of living… and so much more.

Our bodies are such a beautiful gift!
Such beauty, beyond realities.

What if you could walk through the world with ease?
Noticing the vibration of the earth pulsing through your body.
Be the earth, be a tree

Now is our space my beautiful friends, to joyfully thrive, in communion with our bodies.

What if you and your body are a Mother Tree walking on the Earth’s surface?

How To Receive An ESC?
The wonderful thing about an Energetic Synthesis of Communion (ESC) practice is that there is no right way to listen to an ESC, and there is no wrong way to listen to an ESC. You can receive an ESC anywhere and at any time!

If you’d like, you can lie down and relax and kick off your shoes and wiggle your little toesies. You can have your eyes closed; you can have your eyes open -- whatever works for you. This is about you and what works for you.

An ESC is a unique invitation to receive the gift that you can be in the world and the gift that the world can be for you.

Allow it to be easy; allow it to be something that invites more receiving into your world and gives you a sense of being able to relax into living and acknowledge a glimmer of the phenomenal, infinite gift that you are.

Are you ready?

What you'll get:

  • audio recording

[ Translation: English, Arabic, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian & Spanish]

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