"Has the Earth been communicating
with you?"

- Dain Heer


You Got This: 
Talking to the Earth

"As stewards, we don't walk on the earth but with the earth."

- Dain Heer


The Earth Session

Getting Out of Need and Into Intimacy

Are you willing to have the different possibility that could actually occur if you were to be truly intimate?

$97.00 USD

The Video Course - Body Whispering

5 Part online course | Welcome to a totally different paradigm for healing, change and transformation!

$299.00 USD

"What if every step you take, and every breath you take, are a moment of miracles, gifted to planet earth?"

- Dain Heer


Waking Up Miraculously


Would you like a taste of what our store offers? Check this invitations by Dr Dain Heer.


"The biggest thing I've noticed so far ... is actually how much I really love life and living! How happy I truly am! How much energy and exuberance I actually have! This is what it is to BE ME........ and I like it........ a whole lot!!"


About The Energetic Synthesis Of Communion (ESC)

"I am so, so grateful for Dain and for this program and would recommend it to anyone who is doing any type of body work, or anyone who interacts with other bodies in any way. Or even if you just wanna hug people, get this program! Or if you have a body, get this program! Thank you so, so much, I am truly grateful!"


About Body Whispering Video Course

"I got my first audio from You Got This! - holy f@*#!! It is the ‘Waking Up with Wings’ morning routine and I always mean to do those things and they are all there... but way better have someone else say it to me, and then all of Dr. Dain’s energy and consciousness there!!!"


About You Got This: 
Waking Up with Wings