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Dive in with Dain

Psssst…do you hear that?

That’s not just a voice in your head - that’s Dain - reading some of his most recent, favorite clearings!

Dr. Dain records these clearing loops for you monthly with some of the ‘best hits’ from the classes and telecalls he facilitates.

How do clearing loops work?

Just download the audio, save to your computer or phone, put on repeat, and enjoy the ride of change.

No fuss, just ease of opening doors to new possibilities while clearing limitations along the way.

You can play these audios anywhere and everywhere - during the day, while going for a walk, or while sleeping at night.

The down and dirty details...

 This is a monthly subscription where each month you’ll receive a new clearing loop, recorded by Dr. Dain, with a mix of the most awesome, world-changing clearings from his classes and Telecalls facilitated that month.

All clearing loops are delivered via his Kajabi website where you can listen through the Kajabi app or website, or download the audio to your computer or phone.


Find that happy space no matter what is going on.

Right now, the rapid rate of change in our world seems overwhelming to a lot of people. And, most of us think that we need to suffer our lives. Would you consider another possibility?

When was the last time you were happy?
When was the last time life was fun for you?

If your answer isn’t today or yesterday, we need to change something.

Join Dr. Dain..

as he outlines with insight and humor, some of the simple things you can do that will allow you to have that childlike joy no matter what is going on.

Is now the time to truly enjoy being alive?
Ready? Let’s go!

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What will you get from this course?

The one time we get really unhappy and depressed is when we feel like there aren’t other choices or possibilities available.

What if the universe is actually filled with possibilities?

  • The #1 tool Dr. Dain Heer used to free himself from depression
  • How to let go of the biggest killer of your happiness
  • A way to be with these changing times and ride the wave of change
  • How to stop being impacted by all kinds of thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • How to ask dynamic questions that open doorways that didn’t exist before.
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Whenever I listen to your calls (over and over again!) I am learning new things, new thoughts are popping out, or thoughts I already heard before are being grounded in my memory, like seeds in the soil of my brain. Thank you, they're absolutely life changing.


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Simple tools I do not think could work. BUT THEY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!
Like crazy!!!!!!

Thank you for that. Really. Thank you! Thank you for you!


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