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Dive in with Dain

Psssst…do you hear that?

That’s not just a voice in your head - that’s Dain - reading some of his most recent, favorite clearings!

Dr. Dain records these clearing loops for you monthly with some of the ‘best hits’ from the classes and telecalls he facilitates.

How do clearing loops work?

Just download the audio, save to your computer or phone, put on repeat, and enjoy the ride of change.

No fuss, just ease of opening doors to new possibilities while clearing limitations along the way.

You can play these audios anywhere and everywhere - during the day, while going for a walk, or while sleeping at night.

The down and dirty details...

 This is a monthly subscription where each month you’ll receive a new clearing loop, recorded by Dr. Dain, with a mix of the most awesome, world-changing clearings from his classes and Telecalls facilitated that month.

All clearing loops are delivered via his Kajabi website where you can listen through the Kajabi app or website, or download the audio to your computer or phone.

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What if you are a magical creature — not a mental construct?

What if you are the space between the molecules?

And what if true magic is not a trick, what if it occurs from your very being - and is far greater than anything called magic in this reality?

You’re invited to a unique one-year program with Dain Heer where we together will explore that space between the molecules where miracles live.

We are the space of infinite possibilities.
We are a non-reality walking.
Now is our space, my beautiful friends.


Get Your Wand Ready! 

Every month we will get together to dive deeper into the magic of being: once for a live ESB session and then again for a free-form exploration of life, living, the Earth, and everything.

Let’s allow the act of request to re-arrange the universe and actualize the miraculous creation that is indeed possible - for you, all of us, and the future.

Get your wand ready! It is waiting for you.


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