7 Steps to Change How You Function With Money

What if everything you've ever learned about or decided about money is out-of-date or incorrect?

Most people have spent their lives with difficulty around money, whether it's spending too much, not having enough, or trying to figure out what's wrong with them if they don't have money. Yet none of that has to do with what money, wealth and abundance is truly about.

What if money isn't the issue? What if it's actually about how much you're willing to receive?

Would receiving more allow you to contribute more to you, to everyone around you — and the world? What if the purpose of money was to change people's lives and to change people's realities?

This is a special class that will allow you to dive deep into what is stopping you from having the money and abundance you truly desire and to give you the tools to create a financial reality beyond what you've decided is possible.

Dr. Dain Heer introduces completely different perspectives, tools and techniques to totally change the way you've been of functioning in the area of wealth and abundance. You will be empowered with simple steps to finally end your struggle with money. Is now the time to get clarity around money and start having MORE?

YOU are the source for the creation of everything in your life. Are you ready to end your money problems and create a different relationship with money?

  • Move from worry to freedom about money and finances
  • Unlock the subconscious and underlying energies that limit you and your finances
  • Empower yourself to create an abundant financial future
  • Learn budgeting techniques that will increase the amount of money you bring in
  • Replace limitations around money with techniques to create it more quickly and easily
  • Use your creative energies to create more money rather than less!
  • Change your financial situation so you can contribute to others and their lives and your own life as you would like to, and as you know should be possible
  • Shift from hoping your money situation changes to actually changing it!
  • Use simple tools to change your personal finances quickly
  • Create wealth and abundance beyond what you may think is possible
  • Learn to use simple questions and practical tools to change your money situations in real time, as they arise
  • No longer see money as a burden by ending what you perceive as your money problems
  • Produce results beyond the norm and beyond what you would expect
  • Have more fun, joy and ease with money - it’s possible and this course will invite you to know it!

This online course is made up of 8 videos, along with 8 downloadable PDF's with corresponding homplay, questions and tools to create dynamic change!