The New Body Whispering Book Club

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A few years ago, Dain Heer released a new book called Body Whispering—A New Way Of Seeing, Being & Healing. It is a game-changer for anyone with a body—like you!

And more relevant than ever!

What can we discover today that we could not even hear our bodies whisper when this book came out? Would you like to find out?

In June, we had some fantastic body magicians diving into this book for this new edition of the

The author himself Dr. Dain Heer, Gary Douglas, Simone Milasas, Kalpana Raghuraman, Dr. Anthony Mattis, Katarina Wallentin, Andrew Gardella, Sarah Watt, Tiffani Brennan, and Viv Adcock.

Explore the change that is possible for you, and your body.
Just bring a body, and a book—and you're in!

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The book club was hosted by Laura Simmonds, Sarah Watt, Tiffani Brennan, and Viv Adcock, and is available in 12 languages.


If you want to find out where to buy a book or listen to Dain Heer reading the first chapter, just head over here!