Energetic Synthesis of Being

ESB, developed by Dr. Dain Heer, is a unique way of transforming limitations into possibilities for you, the world, and the planet.

What if you didn’t have to separate from anyone or anything, including you?  What if you could have it all, and all of you, starting now?

You and your body will be introduced to a level of being and energetic awareness that goes beyond everything you’ve experienced before.

This, my friend, is where the choice to be the miracle you are, begins.

Are you ready to be that different?


What’s your ASK?

Before every ESB session I ask,
 “If you could get anything out of this, what would it be?”

Now, just take a moment to ponder your request.

Get the sense of what you would like to ask for and what it would be like for that to be your reality, world and living.

What space, power, potency and possibilities can you be that would allow that to actualize with total ease?

You could look at:

  • What would I have to be different?

  • What would I have to choose different to have and be this?

  • What can I be now that I haven’t acknowledged and that I’ve truly never been able to be before that would actualize this and way more?

Getting present with your ask is a way different thing than mentally throwing it out there into the world.

This allows you to get present with an energy. And, when you do that from choice, it gets you congruent and then it begins from that moment … and starts to become your reality and your world. 

And then, with an ESB session, I can come in and use all of our energies and make things happen a lot faster.

However, it’s not from the time frame of our current perspective, it’s at the speed of space from future with no point of view!

So my beautiful friend … is now the time and space to truly ask for what you desire?

“Imagine a world of such sensitivity of your awareness that you could manipulate everything into greater.

And, not be the effect, but the cause, of something far greater than anyone else has ever seen or perceived.

Where you play with every energy available, and discover new energies that no one else has ever discovered before.”



If you could get anything out of this, (yes ANYTHING), what would it be?


Still Got Questions?