The 14 Day Program with Dr Dain Heer

Online course | Discover the tools that have changed the lives of thousands of people all around the world.

$14.00 USD

Undefined Adventure with Dr Dain Heer

Ongoing monthly subscription

What if every day you woke up as if it was your first day here on this planet?

$50 USD/ Month

"Refusing the difference you are is the easiest way to not create a change in the world."

- Dain Heer

"If you were totally needless right now, what would be different in your life?"

- Dain Heer

Getting Out of Need and Into Intimacy

Are you willing to have the different possibility that could actually occur if you were to be truly intimate?

$97.00 USD

The Video Course - Body Whispering

5 Part online course | Welcome to a totally different paradigm for healing, change and transformation!

$299.00 USD

Gratitude: The Missing Element(al)

Gratitude is an expression of the depth and the breadth of your being.

$100.00 USD

"From this point forward there is no problem, there is only possibility in disguise."


- Dain Heer


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"This course is SO different and the tools in it have given me an ease and a peace with money far beyond what I've ever experienced before. Simple, brilliant tools that work! Thank you Dain!!"


About 7 Steps To Change How You Function With Money

"When the world shut down 2 years ago, Dr. Dain stood up and embraced thousands of people to walk together into joy and space. He invited us to be the energy that was and is required in every moment. This is a toolbox that I always keep close by to listen to when I have a crappy day and it always helps."


About The 14 Day Program with Dain

"Whenever I listen to your calls (over and over again!) I am learning new things, new thoughts are popping out, or thoughts I already heard before are being grounded in my memory, like seeds in the soil of my brain. Thank you, they're absolutely life changing."


About Teleclasses with Dr. Dain Heer