a program with Dr. Dain Heer inviting you to creation & actualization from relaxation!


The world is crazy… have you noticed?

One of the weirdest things is when you have a sense of miracles but they haven’t actualized yet. 

Hi, I’m Dain, and I am here to remind you: miracles happen in their own time. 

Don’t make yourself wrong. 
Don’t give up.

What would it be like if you didn’t have to suffer this reality anymore?

What if you could surf it?
What if you could create it?

Now, what I am inviting you to is a totally different way of creating and actualizing … from RELAXATION.

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20 Deep Dives

20 recordings with energetic virtuoso Dr. Dain Heer. Includes written notes in English for each session!

Clearing Loop

Enjoy an audio clearing loop and written processes in English with the best processes of the entire series.


7 bonus gifts & audios! Including 2 Big ESB sessions, and clips from ESB in Barcelona, The Real Great Reset, and ESB at El Lugar.

...choice is not about the pressure to push against?

What if actualization isn’t about effort?

What if there is a whole different way of being?

What if all of life can truly come to you with ease, joy, and glory?

Let’s see if we can change your whole reality.

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