Welcome to a Symphony Wave for the Earth
and for the Future

Hosted by:
Dr. Dain Heer, Dr Anthony Mattis & the Symphony Advanced Practitioners


What can you be or do today that will change reality on planet earth?

Join us for 12 consecutive hours of Symphony Group Tasters from Practitioners all around the world!  

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A Symphony Wave of Possibilities

So often we think that we have to work really hard and do big things to create any change in the world.

But, what if that’s not true?

Let’s RELAX together in a space that moves energies into miraculous actualization. 

THIS is our world that we can now claim and allow to be a miraculous playground of possibilities - all it takes is our willingness to choose it.

If you had communion with every molecule, every concept, every energy…what would be possible?

--Dr. Dain Heer

Symphony Wave Schedule

Symphony Sessions are about energetic gifting and receiving and go beyond language. Which means you can receive the energies in any language!

We invite you to join the whole adventure, whatever language you speak, and receive from our Symphony advanced Practitioners all around the world.

There will be translations available for the kick-off with Dr. Dain Heer in: 
Arabic, Czech, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish

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It’s only $47 USD, and all proceeds will go to:  The El Lugar Project in Costa Rica.
Once you have paid, you will receive a welcome email with all information. You will also have access to all the recordings to relisten as much as you desire!