"Seek the miraculousness. It is actively seeking you."

- Dain Heer


One Big ESB

“As you listen to this, you will become it, and everything I am speaking of.”

- Dain Heer


10 "Best of" 30 Day ESB Special

"You are a magical creature my friend! Is now the time to become the space and magic of you?"

- Dain Heer


Turning Up Your Energetic Capacities

"What if you could simply walk this earth with a sense of space knowing you are oneness and an integral part of everything that exists?"

- Dain Heer


Energetic Synthesis of Communion

Turning Up Your Energetic Capacities

Turn up your joy of living and change all of the things in your life you would like to change.

$97.00 USD

Be You. Be Different. Stay Weird.

Being different is one of the greatest gifts you can be in this world. If each of us were willing to be as weird as we are, what would it create?

$47.00 USD

"It is not your normalcy that changes the world, my beautiful friends; it is your weirdness, it is your strangeness, it is everything that has been judged about you."

- Dain Heer


ESC: Welcome To Your Universe

Finding Your Happy 

Join Dr. Dain as he outlines with insight and humor, some of the simple things you can do that will allow you to have that childlike joy no matter what is going on.

$57.00 USD

The Trifecta

Selection of audios that will contribute to the spaces you have been exploring and offer a multiple mind-blow.

$199.00 USD


Are you curious about the Energetic Synthesis of Communion? Get a taste in these videos by Dr Dain Heer.


"The biggest thing I've noticed so far ... is actually how much I really love life and living! How happy I truly am! How much energy and exuberance I actually have! This is what it is to BE ME........and I like it........a whole lot!!"


About The Energetic Synthesis Of Communion (ESC)

"There has not been anything that produces this kind of change... the capacity to have a bigger and better life than I ever imagined… it is about having more of you." 


About Tele-classes with Dr. Dain Heer

"You have totally shifted my world and I have no words to describe it really. You have helped me to open up to energies that I knew existed, but that I wasn't able to receive before. And things just keep showing up to me – like magic."


About The Energetic Synthesis Of Communion (ESC)